Noble Energy ADA Compliant Locker Room

ADA Lockers and Benches

Locker Guidelines
ADA locker design


Door hardware

Shall have a shape that is easy to grasp with one hand and does not require tight grasping, tight pinching, or twisting of the wrist to operate.” (ADA Accessibility Guideline: 4.13.9)

Hollman recommends using a wire pull.


No higher than 48”

Limit pinching/twisting

Suggested lock types:
— Keyless1 ADA (has built-in ADA compliant pull)
— Padlock hasp or high security padlock hasp with user supplied ADA compliant lock. (Hollman recommends: Masterlock 2650, 1525EZRC & 2076 series padlocks.)
— Digilock with pull and ADA key

Interior Design

Interior hooks, no higher than 48”

Shelves: no higher than 48”, there must be a shelf no lower that 15” (above finished floor)

Locker Placement

Clearance in front of locker must be a minimum of 24” away from the lockers and 30” in width along the lockers. Hollman’s recommended clearance is 60”, circular to allow for a wheel chair to turn.


Bench Guidelines

(ADA Accessibility Guideline: 4.37)

Spacing: A minimum of 30 inches clear space is required for parallel approach to a short end of a bench seat.

Seat size: Benches must be 20-24 inches deep and a minimum of 42 inches long.

Back support: Minimum of 42 inches long and begin no more than 2 inches above the seat, extending to at least 18 inches above the seat, or the bench can be affixed to the wall as an alternate back support.

Seat height: Bench seat mush be 17-19 inches above the floor.

ADA Solid Surface Bench
ADA compliant butcher block bench