Exotic Enhanced Veneers

Exotic veneers can be beautiful...and costly both to your wallet and the environment. Hollman has developed a new line of options that puts the exotic options back into reach.


Crafted to mirror fine exotics, Hollman Enhanced Veneers are manufactured starting with responsibly forested hardwoods from carefully managed sources. Taking advantage of advanced imaging techniques, they are dyed to match the grain, color, and texture of the original – with some big advantages.

 ✔ Consistency: Natural wood, especially the exotics, has a great deal of variance from log to log, making large projects very difficult to control for color and tone. Hollman Enhanced Veneers are consistent, no matter the size of the project.
 ✔ Cost: Exotics are by their nature, rare and come at a high price point. Hollman Enhanced Veneers are priced to bring the exotic option back into reach.
 ✔ Environmental Stewardship: By using Hollman Enhanced Veneers, you can have the look you desire without the concern of depleting precious natural resources.


douglas-fir.jpg   teak.jpg   Plain Sliced Teak

Douglas Fir


Quarterd Teak


Plain Sliced Teak






Rift Cut Walnut