Premium Wood Cuts

Looking to set your lockers apart? Selecting a premium veneer cut can provide a dramatic change in the grain of the wood.

Standardly, Hollman veneer lockers are made from "Plain Sliced" veneers, meaning that each sheet of wood is cut straight across each log, with the blade running parallel to the log center. The resulting grain pattern shows a cathedral design from the cut running across the tree's growth rings.

Plain Cut Diagram   Red Oak Sample

Plain Sliced Wood Slice


Plain Sliced Red Oak, Clear Finish

Premium Wood Cuts are designed to run more closely with the grain, resulting in straighter, tighter grain lines.
Rift Cut Diagram   Rift Cut White Oak, Clear Finish

Rift Cut Wood Slice
(similar to Quarter Sawn, usage dependent on the wood species)


Rift Cut White Oak, Clear Finish

quarted-teak150.jpg quarted-walnut150.jpg quarted-sapele150.jpg quarted-wenge150.jpg

Quartered Teak

Quartered Walnut

Quartered Sapele

Quartered Wenge