Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

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General Questions
Technical Construction Questions

General Questions

Q: What is the standard size for a locker?
A: This depends a lot on the intended usage, climate, and facility, but some basic guidelines are that a typical single-tier fitness locker is 72”H x 12”W x 20”D and a country club locker is 72”H x 18”W x 20”D.
Q: What is suggested minimum locker depth to accommodate a coat rod?
 A: 20"
Q: What is inside clearance of a locker, using 12" wide locker as an example?
A: The sides and back are 5/8" deep and the door is 3/4", so using this, a 12" locker is 12 - (5/8*2) = 10 3/4" wide.
Q: Where are the coat rod and hooks typically located?
A: The coat rod is usually located 3" from top the top of the locker (to the middle of the rod). The coat hooks are located 3" from either the top of the locker (if there is no rod) or from the middle of the coat rod.
Q: What is the minimum interior height needed to accommodate a suit jacket?
A: Using a typical hanger, you would need a 40 inch locker.
Q: Are there other stain finishes available other than the Hollman standards?
A: Yes. We can match any control sample you provide to us.
Q: Can we get painted lockers?
A: Yes. Please just provide us the paint company name, paint name and color number.
Q: Can we get lockers with more openings then a Model F (6 openings)?
A: Yes. Please let us know what you need and we will design a locker for you. The minimum locker door height should be 8" to allow the hinges to work properly.
Q: What are filler panels used for?
A: Filler panels are finished to match your lockers and are used to fill space between lockers and walls. Generally, a little space is designed into a locker room between the edge lockers and walls or corners to make sure all lockers are easily accessed. Filler panels go from locker side to wall or are used to make a corner.
Q: What are end panels used for?
A: End panels are finished to match your lockers and are used to cover any exposed locker sides to give your locker room a cohesive, finished look.
Q: How long does installation take?
A: Hollman lockers a shipped fully assembled, so assembly typically goes quickly. Approximately 50 lockers per day can be installed, depending on the trim package.
Q: What is the difference between veneer and PVC edge band?
A: Both can be selected to closely match the wood stain and species of your lockers. PVC is used on the locker body and wear points. Veneer is used on the edge of a wood door so that it can be
Q: Are the lockers shipped fully assembled?
A: Yes. Hollman lockers are fully assembled in our plant using dowels and glue to ensure that they will last for years.
Q: Do the lockers come in groups of 3?
A. No, they come as individual units.

Q: Is all hardware available in brass as well as chrome?
A: Yes.

Technical Construction Questions

Q: Who is responsible for locker installation?
A: Hollman can facilitate installation for you with one of our nation-wide network of installers, or this can be handled separately by a local contractor.
Q: What do I need to change for ADA equipped lockers?
A: ADA lockers are typically Type B lockers (double-tier) with specifically placed shelves, hardware, and ADA designated locks. For more information, please see our ADA locker page.
Q: How long is your lead time to produce lockers?
A: Certain seasons are busier than others, and because Hollman does all of our own manufacturing we can often work with you to meet tight deadlines, but a typical lead time is 4-8 weeks, depending on the project.
Q: What laminate brands do you offer?
A. Typically, Hollman uses Wilsonart or Formica. We can special order other products as needed for specific projects.
Q: Are you FSC Certified?
A. Yes. Hollman is FSC certified and can provide you the documentation to earn LEED points for your project with our product.
Q: Do you sell directly to General Contractors, or only through dealers?
A. Hollman is happy to sell directly to project owners or general contractors. Most of our projects are sold directly. Our internal submittals department will work with your team to facilitate the design phase of your project.
Q: Do you have a word version of your architectural specifications?
A. Yes. Our most frequently requested specs are included under Materials and Specs/Architectural Specs as PDF’s. Please contact us directly for the word versions of these or other specs.
Q: How tightly can we place lockers into a space?
A: Hollman recommends that you leave at least 2 inches on each end of a row of lockers to allow the end lockers to be easily accessed as well as to allow for any slight adjustment during installation. Typically, when lockers are installed, the very slight spaces between lockers add up over a long run to roughly 1/8 inch per 10 feet. This adjustment needs to be included in any spacing plans.