New York Racquet Club, mens locker room

Lock Options

Keyless Security Lock

Keyless1 and Keyless1 ADA The Keyless1 (Part number: KSL21772) is the newest Keyless lock. It includes a patented master key exchange system that allows the master key to be updated without removing the lock. Users set their own personal combination with each usage. It’s wireless, and uses no batteries.
Website Link: Keyless Security LLC
Video Instructions, user: Keyless User Instructions
Video Instructions, manager: Keyless Manager Instructions
Suggested Usage: Renowned for their flexibility, this is Hollman's most popular lock selection. KSL combinations can be easily reset with each usage, making them the best choice for shared-use environments, or single-user locations where users do not wish to carry keys.
ADA Version: Keyless1 is available in an ADA compatible version – allowing accessibility to be easily included in a locker room, while maintaining a consistant look and features throughout.



Digilock ATS Digilock locks are available for assigned or shared usage environments, where the lock either is operated with one assigned code, or where users can enter their own 4-digit code with each use. These locks are electronic and use batteries. They are ADA compatible with a slot for a special ADA user key.
Website Link: Digilock
Suggested Usage:
These locks have a high-end contemporary look and feel and are good choices for athletic clubs, spas, and college/pro athletic lockers. Also available in slim vertical body style.


Ojmar Locker Lock Ojmar electronic locks can be programmed for either shared, or single user modes. Battery powered, they can be programmed to unlock after a period of time to make locker management faster. They offer designs for wet or dry environments and are available in either black or white.
Website Link: Ojmar
Informational Page: Ojmar OCS (Design Guide by Hollman)

Suggested Usage:
These locks have a reputation for durability and are good choices for athletic clubs, spas, and corporate environments.

Padlock Hasps (Swivel and High Security)

High Security Padlock Hasp Padlock hasps allow users to bring their own padlocks, providing flexibility and minimal management. ADA compliant padlocks are available for use with these systems as well.
Swivel Hasp: Has a small footprint on the locker face -- two metal pieces swing together for a padlock to be inserted through.
High Security Padlock Hasps: Includes a metal strike plate mounted to the front of the locker and a z-shaped metal plate that is mounted inside the locker and extends through the front plate. Also includes a pull knob. The large metal strike plate gives a clean, modern look to lockers.
Suggested usage: These locks are versatile and can be used for most applications. One important consideration is that because the user is controlling the lock rather than the management, there are generally instances where locks need to be cut off of abandoned lockers. The high security option is stronger and more secure because the lock is placed through a plate mounted to the locker body.

Built-In Combination Lock (Masterlock)

Built-in Combination Lock (Masterlock) Simple combination dial mounted to door front utilizes a pre-assigned 3 number code.
Suggested usage: These locks are a good fit for locations where the locker is assigned for a medium/long duration, such as a school or sports team environment. They are helpful because there are no keys to loose and the management retains the control of the lock, but because the combination is not easily reset, should not be used for day-use.




Keyed Locks

5 Pin Keyed Lock Hollman's standard is a Heavy-duty five-pin tumbler key lock, furnished with 2 master keys and 2 user keys per lock. It has a small footprint on the door face, leaving the focus on the locker design.
Suggested usage: These locks are best suited for single-user scenarios including private clubs, workspace lockers, and wine lockers.