Wood Finish Guide

From decades of experience with formulating species/stain combinations for lockers, Hollman suggests the following options for each color zone.

maple_clear.jpg   redoak_clear.jpg   cherry_clear.jpg            

Maple, Clear


Red Oak, Clear


Cherry, Clear

Light Tones
maple_amber.jpg   cherry_amber.jpg   redoak_amber.jpg   mahogany_clear.jpg        

Maple, Amber


Cherry, Amber


Red Oak, Amber


Mahogany, Clear

Warm Medium Tones
cherry_pecan.jpg   mahogany_amber.jpg   redoak_hazelnut.jpg   mahogany_pecan.jpg   cherry_hazelnut.jpg    

Cherry, Pecan


Mahogany, Amber


Red Oak, Hazelnut


Mahogany, Pecan


Cherry, Hazelnut

Cool Medium Tones
walnut_clear.jpg   walnut_amber.jpg   readoak_chestnut-(1).jpg   cherry_coffeebean.jpg        

Walnut, Clear


Walnut, Amber


Red Oak, Chestnut


Cherry, Coffee Bean


Dark Tones
mahogany_hazelnut.jpg   mahogany_chestnut.jpg   walnut_chestnut.jpg   walnut_coffeebean.jpg   maple_espresso.jpg    

Mahogany, Hazelnut


Mahogany, Chestnut


Walnut, Chestnut


Walnut, Coffee Bean


Maple, Espresso