ALTEMPCO Glass Walls

Impact Resistant Structural Glass Wall Systems

Altempco Glass (a division of Hollman, Inc.) is a leading manufacturer of structural glass wall systems, specializing in view walls for racquetball, handball, and squash court applications.


The combination of modern tempering with structural glass wall engineering makes the Altempco glass wall system truly state-of-the art. Our wall system consists of tempered glass, high tensile polyurethane hardware, anchoring systems, and glass doors. Together these materials create an integral unit that distributes stresses, minimizes deflection and vibration, and provides true rebound and response on the playing surface of the glass.


Utilizing structural glass walls in your architecture allows large areas to be segmented for sound or usage needs while maintaining a visually open floor plan. Club owners also report that utilizing glass as back and sidewalls for squash and racquetball courts increases participation and excitement with these sports by bringing a more social atmosphere to these games.

Structural glass wall engineering brings a social, open feeling to your project.

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