Hollman Plants

Hollman Manufacturing Plants

Hollman Lockers are made in Irving, Texas, USA

We don't just sell lockers and courts, we build them too. All Hollman products are manufactured right here in Irving, Texas. Hollman has over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space located  in buildings adjacent to our main offices. In order to offer the best and most customizable products, we produce our own components as well as constructing the final product.  


Hollman Plants

Door Plant: We manufacture all of our own doors – a feature that is unusual in our industry. In fact, we hold two patents for manufacturing process that allow us to build raised panel veneer doors. Because of this, we are able to offer options in sizing and design efficiently to fit into demanding construction schedules.


Courts and Wall Panel Plant: Hollman helped to innovate the current standard for court construction using high-impact laminate walls and ceiling panels. We build all of our court panels with quality materials and a tongue and groove edge that allows for them to be installed with secure tolerances. This plant also produces custom laminate panels for a wide range of applications.


Door Assembly and Finish Plant: This plant is responsible for building all of the components of our lockers and benches, including the UV stain and finishing processes, door assembly, and solid-surface fabrication.


Woodworking Shop: Hollman's full woodworking shop is staffed by true craftsmen and gives us the ability to manufacture customized locker room components including  benches, customized locker interiors, and vanity stations.


Locker Body/Assembly Plant: The final step in locker construction, this plant cuts and builds all materials for the main body of our lockers, as well as assembling the lockers including installing doors, hardware, finishing pieces, and finally packages and prepares Hollman lockers for shipment across the world.