Hollman News and Events

June, 2017

Partnering with Gensler on the new state of the art Locker Room for the Dallas Mavericks

"It's not going to be traditional at all." – Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks


The sixteen year-old Hollman lockers put up a fight, but eventually gave in to Mark Cuban's sledgehammer to make room for the new state of the art lockers designed by Gensler and built by Hollman. They will include variable color lighting, a refrigerated cup holder, tablet docking, and specialized ventilation.

>> Link to Sledgehammer Video

November, 2016

Penn Basketball Installs Hollman Lockers

University of Pennsylvania Basketball is focusing on tradition with their new Hollman lockers. Each locker includes a graphic listing the chronology of each player that has worn the jersey number belonging to the current player with that locker.

August, 2016

Southern Miss Football releases video: Largest player identification panels

Southern Miss Football Lockers are complete and have been declared, "a game changer." They feature the largest player identification panels in America, mounted on magnetic panels so they can be continually updated.

Link to the Video >>

August, 2016

University of Houston Football Reveals Locker Room

The University of Houston tweeted a video showing their football players' reactions to their new locker room – safe to say that there were lots of smiles and dropped jaws.

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