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You Know the Dallas Mavericks. So Does Their Locker Room.

Mark Cuban only wants the best for his favorite athletes. That’s exactly what we gave him.

Every day, facial recognition software triggers a video screen on each Maverick’s locker, giving the player his daily schedule, workout plan, and any messages.

It’s just one of the high-tech amenities in this collaborative project from Hollman and design firm Gensler. The entire light system in the Mavericks’ locker room is tuned to maximize the teams’ collective circadian rhythm, which increases their cognitive processing and retention. The team’s logo glows in welcome above each individual space, and inside each locker is an integrated power dock for charging tablets and other personal electronics. There’s also a refrigerated cup holder so a cool drink is waiting for every player post-workout or after a home game. And nestled behind their hanging jerseys are flush-mounted, flat-screen TVs, because why not?


Nested behind their hanging jerseys is also a flush-mounted, flat-screen TV. Because why not?

Even the Mavericks’ shoes get the royal treatment. The shoe drawers open with the tap of a foot and can hold up to eight pairs of size 20s. Lights in the drawers glow soft white or Mavs blue, and the drawers are ventilated because, well, eight pairs of size 20 athletic shoes need ventilation.

In partnership with Gensler Sports/Dallas (https://www.gensler.com/offices/dallas)

In addition to the Dallas Mavs, Hollman has also built lockers for the:

  • Washington Wizards
  • Detroit Red Wings
  • New Jersey Devils
  • Washington Capitals
  • Anaheim Ducks
  • Rough Riders Baseball