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Make Every Student-Athlete Feel Like a Pro Athlete

College athletes may have more gear than any other athlete. They’re always on the go, and their lockers oftentimes serve as second homes.

Locker rooms can also play a large part in recruitment, demonstrating to young athletes the school’s dedication to sports. Hollman lockers–their durability, amenities, and professional appearance–tell recruits that they will be well taken care of.

We take these things into consideration whenever we have a college project. We then ask the space requirements and specific needs of the sport and build the lockers accordingly—with moisture resistant surfaces for wet swimsuits, charging mats for electronics, appropriate sizes for equipment like baseball bats, and much more. And we remind ourselves that these student-athletes may be far away from home, so the more comfortable their lockers, the better.

We have completed locker rooms for the following college teams:

  • USC Tennis
  • Duke Softball
  • VA Military Institute (VMI) Indoor Training
  • Rice Tudor Field House
  • Texas A&M Track and Field
  • Mizzouri Rec Center
  • Auburn Rec Center
  • Southwest University Baseball
  • Georgia Tech Baseball
  • Ohio State Racquetball
  • Michigan Tigers Soccer