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More than Clean Looks. Actually Clean.

Hospitals have special needs when it comes to surfaces. Materials that people use and touch often need to be easily cleaned and sterilized.

Our lockers go one step further. Our Nanolam material, a hospital favorite, keeps mold and bacteria from growing, and reduces the incidence of staph bacteria by 99.79 percent. And if the velvety soft surface needs to be wiped down, it’s tough enough to withstand harsh chemical cleaners like bleach, ammonium chlorides, and other antimicrobials.

Hollman has created locker systems for hospitals including:

  • UT Southwestern
  • Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital
  • Cleveland Clinics
  • MD Anderson
  • Community Hospital South
  • Children’s Hospital Philadelphia
  • Dallas VA Hospital
  • UCSD Thornton Hospital Surgery
  • San Francisco Healthcare
  • Bryn Mawr Hospital
  • Sloan Kettering
  • Stanford CT Hospital
  • South Miami Hospital
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital
  • Hartford Hospitals