Complete Your Locker Room

Locker rooms now trend as social, collaborative and lavish spaces, focusing on lounge-like atmospheres include TVs, Wi-Fi, scales, swimsuit water extractors, hair dryers and towel service. Hollman offers a suite of designs for grooming stations and towel drops – trendy options that can help with member retention.

Grooming Stations and Towel Drops


Designed to coordinate with locker room and countertop finishes, Hollman’s towel drops provide storage and keep locker rooms clean. Stations include base storage cabinets with matching countertops and include options for clean-towel cubbies, slippers, or robes.

Grooming Stations and Towel Drops


Hollman’s award-winning grooming stations come with a  base storage cabinet and matching countertop, and can include lighting, mirrors, power outlets, and more. Our innovative designs complement any material or environment and keep members looking their best.