Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions and Answers

What does Hollman, Inc. do?

Founded in 1976, Hollman, Inc. is the industry leader in locker design and comprehensive storage solutions. We have manufactured more than two million lockers for high-profile organizations including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, major American golf courses, corporate centers, country clubs, fitness studios and gyms, college campuses, museums, and hospitals.

Where can Hollman products be found?

Hollman lockers are everywhere—you have probably even used one at your gym, golf club, or spa. Hollman lockers are known for being game-changers everywhere from prestigious college sports locker rooms to the Dallas Mavericks’ locker room. Today, Hollman is changing modern collaborative workspace capabilities and working in smart storage solutions that address “porch pirate” problems with smart, secure parcel and mail management.

What year was Hollman founded?

Hollman, Inc. was founded in 1976 by Joe Hollman, who relocated headquarters from Oregon to Irving, Texas. Today, the company president is Travis Hollman, Joe Hollman’s son.

Where are Hollman products made?

Everything Hollman designs and sells is made in a 300,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Irving, Texas, right next door to the company’s main offices. Manufacturing facilities include a door plant, a court and wall panel plant, a door assembly and finish plant, a woodworking shop, and a locker body and assembly plant.

How many people does Hollman, Inc. employ?

Hollman employs more than 220 people in Irving, Texas. More than 120 new jobs have been added since 2010.

How many patents does Hollman, Inc. hold?

The company is the proud parent of three patents for innovative techniques for manufacturing veneered raised panel doors.