Locker function is critical. End-users’ needs could include storing gym bags, athletic wear, sports gear, winter coats, bicycle helmets, yoga mats,  tablets/phones–a myriad of belongings. Hollman lockers have configurations that offer all the solutions needed.


  • Coat rods, hangers, and hooks
  • Interior baskets or shelves
  • USB charging stations
  • Mirrors
  • Cupholders
  • Television mounts
  • Other electrical options


All Hollman locker interiors are available in white or gray for express delivery, but we are also happy to match any color needed.









Consider the lockers’ use–storage, day use, hour use, hoteling–and choose the interior configuration that best meets the need.



Single Tier Lockers (Style “A”)

The perfect space for hanging clothes, coats, gym bags, and more, these lockers are equipped with chrome coat hooks and an upper shelf. Standard opening is 72″ tall. Standard widths can be 12,” 15,” or 18.”




Double Tier (Style B)

 With two 32″  (standard size) openings (standard size), these lockers are space-efficient, popular with end users, and the ideal space for shoes, clothing, gym bags, and other personal items. Two standard styles:  a shelf and rod; or hook and rod. Standard widths can be 12,” 15,” or 18.”






Triple Tier (Style C) and Multi-Tier (Style D, E, and F)

Multi-tier lockers provide privacy, are great for smaller gear, phones, and wallets and keys, and can be upgraded with USB charging outlets. They are also perfect behind reception or in a secondary location. Standard widths can be 12,” 15,” or 18.”









Combining the height advantages of a single compartment tower with the compactness of a two-compartment locker, the Z-Locker is the perfect storage solution for hanging clothes and storing general personal equipment. Standard widths can be 12,” 15,” or 18.”