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Hollman Intelligent Lockers offer a cost-efficient answer for 24/7 delivery, secure pickup, and easy drop-off for mail, as well as small and medium parcels. They are a convenient solution for residents and customers who want secure deliveries at their apartments, office buildings, schools, and other locations–no worries about theft or rushing to retrieve packages at inopportune times.


Hollman Intelligent Locker systems offer a cost-efficient solution for 24 x 7 delivery, pickup, and drop-off of small and medium-sized parcels and mail. It’s a convenient solution for residents and customer, who have deliveries at to their apartments, office buildings, schools/universities and other locations.

Secured Delivery & Collection 

Our lockers have flexible openings that accommodate most inbound packages and mail, and our smart locks securely store packages for easy retrieval.  Hollman Intelligent Lockers not only offer a valuable and convenient service to residents but also reduce courier delivery time. 

No More Unaccountable Deliveries. No Extra Staff Time. Hands-off Maintenance

No more unsuccessful, misplaced, lost, or unaccountable deliveries.  Intelligent Lockers increase delivery speed and decrease mailroom clutter, plus its software is designed for easy integration into any system.

Pickup and Drop-off

  1. Place package into the locker.
  2. Recipient receives notification of delivery via email/SMS.
  3. Recipient enters one-time PIN code.
  4. Door opens.

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The Benefits

Resident Satisfaction
With our smart locker kiosk, your residents and customers can pick up packages on their time. Packages are available in the kiosk 24/7. 

Free Up Leasing Staff
Instead of spending man-hours receiving, logging and distributing packages, residential managers and leasing office personnel can focus on servicing tenants’ daily needs and other job responsibilities. 

Eliminate Package Theft
No Package pirates!  Packages are stored securely, requiring a code to be picked up. Tenants can relax knowing that the deliveries are secured until pickup. An additional “chain of custody” feature offers even more security by utilizing a time stamp that helps identify people dropping off and picking up packages. 

24/7 Access To Packages
Residents no longer have to rush home during office hours to pick up their deliveries, but instead can get them when they please, allowing for better peace of mind and more comfortable apartment living.

Attractive Amenity
With our clean, design-centric features, the ParceLocker kiosk provides a crisp look while providing added convenience and value to the property.

Intelligent Locker Systems
Intelligent Locker Systems