Laminate Lockers Push the Boundaries

When it comes to industry standards, we like to go further. For that reason, we have successfully engineered fixtures and hardware that allow us to offer solid surfaces in every part of the locker, no matter if it’s a vertical or horizontal surface.

So what? Well, for starters, that option frees lockers from size restrictions. Take Texas A&M Football, for example. The lockers we created for the team have linebacker-sized solid surface doors. It takes a durable, tough laminate to be able to withstand the size and weight of a door that size.

Available in a variety of textures and colors with a selection of locks, our laminate and solid surface lockers are ideal for your athletic spaces.


  • Wide selection of textured and smooth laminates
  • Interior color options
  • Exterior options include solid and textured finishes
  • Single-tier, multi-tier, and Z-style lockers available
  • Lock options include Keyless Security, Digilock, Ojmar, and padlock hasp. (CLICK HERE TO SEE LOCKS)

2018 -2019 Hollman Trending Laminate Colors

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