Locks That Beat the Competition

Not every lock is good enough for a Hollman locker. We selected the best the industry has to offer in order to find a lock that fits your facility’s needs without compromising design. Our choices offer tough security, easy maintenance, and simple application.

  • Battery Locks
  • Master Key Locks
  • Combination Locks
  • ADA compatible Locks
  •  Assigned, Shared Use, or Single User Locks

Keyless Security Lock

Hollman’s most popular lock, the Keyless1 by Keyless Security provides flexibility for your facility while giving your clients less to carry. The patented master key exchange system allows the master to be updated without removing the lock from a door.

There’s also the option for users to set a new combination each time the lock is used, making this perfect for single-use spaces.

And even though tons of technology went into this sturdy, keyless lock, it’s battery-free and wireless. There’s also an ADA-compatible version, allowing accessibility for all of your patrons while providing a consistent look.

For more information, view Keyless Security LLC

  • No batteries
  • Perfect for shared-use environments or single-user locations where users do not wish to carry keys
  • ADA version available


The RFID Gantner lock operates with NFC-enabled phones, cards, key fobs, and wristbands. There are no PINs to remember and no mechanical keys to manage or carry. This lock provides a clear status display showing which lockers are free, and is suitable for wood, laminate, and glass.

  • Web-based locker management software offers a real-time audit trial
  • Multiple solutions available with both battery-operated or hardwired styles
  • Maintenance-free


Battery-powered, these locks can be programmed to unlock after a period of time to make locker management faster.

  • Key-free
  • Batteries needed
  • Selectable user code length: 4, 5 or 6 digits
  • LED Color has 3 colors for lock status (green, red, amber)
  • Available for wet environments


Digilocks are operated with one assigned code (i.e.  users can enter
their own 4-digit codes with each use)

  • Batteries needed
  • Available in a slim vertical body style
  • Perfect for assigned or shared-use environments
  • ADA version: includes a slot for a special ADA user key.

Padlock Hasps “Bring your own”

Padlock hasps allow users to bring their own locks.

  • No keys or batteries needed
  • User-controlled lock
  • Small footprint
  • Perfect as a cost-effective locking solution
  • High-security option with a metal strike plate available

Knob Padlock “Bring Your Own”

Small, simple and members bring their own

  • User’s personal lock
  • No batteries, no keys
  • Anti-rotation
  • Unique small footprint

Keyed Locks

Hollman’s standard key lock is a heavy-duty “five-pin” tumbler lock furnished with two (2)  master keys and two (2) user keys per lock. It has a small footprint on the door face, leaving the focus on the locker design.


  • No batteries
  • 2 master keys
  • 2 user keys per lock
  • Small footprint
  • Perfect for single-user lockers, including private clubs, workspace
    lockers, and wine lockers.