Parcel Locker


Packages and mail can be delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week with Hollman ParcelLocker Systems. These solutions offer a private and secure place for small and medium parcels with secure pickup for residents and customers of apartments, office buildings, schools, and other locations.

No more worrying about theft, rushing to get a package, or having to arrange for pickup.



How It Works

  • Package is delivered into the locker.
  • Recipient receives notification via email or SMS.
  • Recipient enters one-time PIN.
  • Door opens.


  • Frees up time spent managing, logging, and delivering packages
  • Packages are securely stored for easy retrieval.
  • Cuts down on crowded mailrooms and increases delivery speed
  • Residents and customers can pick up packages on their time
  • Frees up time spent delivering packages
  • Design-centric features add value to your property