Phenolic Lockers Keep Moisture at Bay

Designed and built to withstand moist environments, our phenolic lockers are as pleasing to the eye as they are resistant to the damaging effects of humidity.

Phenolic is a solid material, so you won’t see any contrasting layers on the edges. It also resists liquids like permanent markers, making them ideal for public areas. Hidden hinges also provide a clean, modern look.

Ideal for aquatic centers, recreation centers, and any other environment where pool or body moisture can damage lesser materials, our phenolic lockers are available in a variety of colors and patterns to fit your brand and business.


  • Perfect for aquatic and recreation centers
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Smooth finish
  • Concealed hinges
  • Durable for high traffic location
  • Anti-graffiti, anti-scratch and anti-impact

Please click here to see our 2018 Best Selling Phenolic Trending Colors here. Many more color options are also available.