Our Wood Lockers Set a New Gold Standard

Think of a high-end locker room: luxurious wooden panels with gleaming hardware. If that isn’t what comes to mind, you have never been in a Hollman locker room.

Named Locker Room Firm of the Year (2016, 2017) by BoardRoom Magazine, we at Hollman craft lockers from a variety of woods, including cherry, red oak, walnut, maple, mahogany, and more. You can select a stain or have your lockers custom matched to your environment. To enhance the high-end feel of your space, we recommend our signature inch-thick locker doors, which add luxury both in look and feel.

For a true five-star space, look no further than our wood lockers.


  • We are the only manufacturer offering 1.25-inch thick locker doors. Half an inch thicker than industry standard, these doors impart a feeling of country club luxury.
  • Classic and traditional selection and a wide range of door styles
  • Available in a variety of wood species and stains
  • Modern amenities available,  including USB device charging, integrated lighting, and compartmentalized custom storage
  • Quality backed by a 3-year warranty

Our Reputation. Our Work.

Boca West Country Club (Boca Raton, FL)CCM Matthew Linderman

When you are deciding on a locker company for a project of this scale, a lot goes into your decision: innovation, ability to deliver on time, quality and the dedication of the company to get it done right.  Hollman was a great choice for us.