Keyless 1

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Patented Perfection.
The Versatile Lock that Is Built to Last.

Hollman’s most popular lock, the Keyless1 by Keyless Security provides flexibility for your facility while giving your clients less to carry. The patented master key exchange system allows the master to be updated without removing the lock from a door.

There’s also the option for users to set a new combination each time the lock is used, making this perfect for single-use spaces.

And even though tons of technology went into this sturdy, keyless lock, it’s battery-free and wireless. There’s also an ADA-compatible version, allowing accessibility for all of your patrons while providing a consistent look.

For more information, view Keyless Security LLC

  • No batteries
  • Perfect for shared-use environments or single-user locations where users do not wish to carry keys
  • ADA version available

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