Dallas Mavericks

Project Background

The Dallas Mavericks locker room, designed in partnership with Gensler, is state of the art and geared for peak performance. Every player’s locker is digitally savvy, starting with facial recognition to open the locker. The players can access a wide range of special amenities, including a personal safe, unique tablet docking station, refrigerated cup holder, flat screen television, and ventilated drawers where up to eight pairs of shoes can air out. The new locker room is so unique it made news everywhere.


In order to meet the requirement that the lockers be able to be changed in appearance cost-effectively and easily over time, Hollman developed a locker door made out of magnetic laminate recessed in a metal frame.

Each player was photographed and their image adhered to their own locker. As incoming players earn their spots on the team, they will also be honored with a personalized locker. This has already proven to be a powerful recruiting tool.

Rajat Agarwal, Operations Manager at Hollman, speaks of a secondary challenge that resulted from this solution: “In order to make the display as impactful as possible, we found that the typical gap that allows pocket doors to retract was not going to work on this project. Hollman engineers innovated a combination of oversized doors and specialized hinging to cover the space and allow for a flush surface.

Locker Features

Facial Recognition Access & Security

Solid Surface Doors

Ventilated Drawers

Specialized Gear Storage

Project Info

Project Date: 24.02.2015

Materials: Laminate, Solid Surface


We are thrilled to death with what Hollman has been able to do with our lockers. First class, on schedule, on time, on budget, trustworthy — They delivered in every way.

– Mark Cuban,
Owner, Dallas Mavericks

Locker Room Tour