Hollman Green

No Matter the Color of the Finished Product, It’s Still Green
We didn’t jump on the bandwagon when companies started going green–we were driving the wagon.

Being environmentally conscious is woven into our DNA, and we’ve been careful to reduce our waste and use efficient manufacturing practices since day one.

We Use Less Trees and More Wood
We can build 36 lockers using the same amount of trees that a more traditional manufacturer would use to build just 10. Our strict waste reduction practices leave us with only seven to 10 percent waste, as compared to the 75 percent left behind by traditional woodworking techniques. We use veneered particle board for wood defects and cut patterns to maximize usage.

We Love to Reuse When We Can
If we can effectively reuse anything, we will. Not only does it help our environment, but it can save our clients money. For example, we used St. Andrews Country Club’s existing locker frames and reused their old hinges with beautiful results.

VOCs Have No Place in Lockers
Traditional lacquers are full of formaldehyde and other nasty ingredients so we decided to stop using them. It took a few million dollars, but we upgraded our facility and our equipment. Now our finishing line sprays a water-borne UV-cured finish on wood that’s more durable than lacquer, doesn’t cost our customers more, and is friendly to our planet.

Our Products Can Earn LEED Points
As a result of our environmentally aware practices, our products have been selected for use in LEED-certified projects. That means our customers earn LEED points just by working with us. Learn more about Hollman and LEED.

Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Since 2015
The FSC is an independent nonprofit organization that promotes responsible forest management and protects forests for future generations.

Hollman Green
Hollman's state-of-the-art locker plant
Hollman Green
St Andrews door replacements
Hollman Green
Hollman's UV finishing line